Dr. Chuck Patner is a nationally—and internationally—unknown author of
one published book and zero best sellers. He is a real person, but this is
not his real name; the pseudonym protects his privacy. Dr. Patner began
as a science geek and even earned a Ph.D. in chemistry. After several
years as an industrial chemist, he became a college professor, teaching
and advising undergraduate students for over a decade. In mid-life, he
changed careers again and completed five more years of graduate education. Now he provides primary health care to patients in his
private practice and in a Veterans Affairs medical center.

The author is not a marriage counselor who has spent years advising
families in crisis, nor a church pastor whose life was devoted to
shepherding a flock through life's events, nor a clinical psychologist who
can explain how marriages grow and die. In fact, the author has no
particular expertise other than his own experiences wandering down
the divorce road he never expected to travel. Dr. Patner was blindsided
by a divorce he did not see coming and did not want that ended his
marriage of over twenty-five years. He spent many sleepless nights
praying, crying, thinking, reading, and finally pouring his pain into words,
exploring a full range of topics and emotions. He turned to Holy Scripture
for answers, and found comfort, encouragement, some measure of
understanding, and a great deal of hope.